Frisco Arts

About Us

Frisco Arts is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, community based organization formed by citizens and business leaders and serves as a vital agent and community partner in supporting and promoting the arts in Frisco. In 2008, Frisco Arts became the Official Art Agency for the City of Frisco.    


Guiding Principles

•The arts play a vital role in the life and well-being of the community.

•The arts enrich lives, expand minds and encourage creative solutions to life’s challenges.

•The arts are important for educational, economic and community development.

•The arts foster a cultural infrastructure that allows community to flourish.

Frisco Arts Mission is to:


•Serve as an umbrella organization to coordinate with Frisco’s various arts groups.

•Provide both financial and nonfinancial support to a variety of Frisco’s arts groups.

•Preserve, support and develop the arts and cultural resources of Frisco.

•Expand artistic, educational and cultural opportunities for all citizens of Frisco.

•Encourage public interest and participation in the cultural resources of Frisco.

•Further the economic, educational and cultural goals of Frisco.